Award Winning Sculptor Carl Regutti

Sculptor Carl Regutti will be using his talents to depict the larger than life sculpture of General Joseph E. Johnston. Carl with the guidance of Statue Committee Chairman Dr. John M. Booker set out to capture every true detail of the "Soldier's General" Joseph E. Johnston.

A Brief History of the Artist
Carl Regutti's works-of-art are of international scope...collected in North America, Europe and Asia. Regutti is an extremely versatile sculptor with talents ranging from ultra-realism to abstract. He creates art from monumental size to miniatures in classic bronze, pure silver, ceramics, stone, and polymerics such as bonded marble. His prize winning sculptures range widely... wildlife, western & rodeo, equestrian, human portraiture, and corporate images. He has successfully created sculptural art projects and memorials costing $500,000.

"Aristides" Sculptor Carl is especially known for "realistic action" scenes, such as his masterpiece sculpture "Speed & Power Unleashed", a cougar leaping through the air chasing a whitetail deer; or "River Frolic", an underwater scene of a mother North American river otter and her young chasing a brook trout...this life size bronze nested among concrete rocks is featured at a renown zoological park. His "Saving Life" bronze is an artistic close-up of a cardiovascular surgeon's hands working on critical open heart surgery. Carl's famous equine life-size bronze of Aristides, winner of the first Kentucky Derby in 1875, is the centerpiece at historic Churchill Downs. His dramatic and unique "Heroism & Sacrifice", a life-size bronze, granite/concrete monumental art honoring North Carolina's fallen firefighters, is a dynamic action scene of three firefighters working under severe stress in a hazardous collapsed building fire, saving a fallen comrade.

Carl Regutti's talents evolved from a family background of artists in Europe and America. Blending his earlier scientific career in environmental microbiology, chemistry and engineering, and international business management, his creativity is not only in art but in technology as well. Mr. Regutti was awarded patents in germ killing paper products, in wood rot control, and in pollution control of steel mill hydrocarbon emissions. This very unique combination of skills accelerated Carl's successful career of the past twenty five years as a full-time professional sculptor, dedicating much of his time to our world's wildlife heritage.

A successful example of Carl's blending of art and science to benefit wildlife was his project with The Franklin Mint, the first time the Mint decided to combine porcelain and bronze in an art sculpture. They commissioned Carl to sculpt and engineer an innovative "Japanese Crane" for worldwide marketing. This led Carl to create a life-size, six foot high Japanese red crown crane (similar to the endangered whooping crane) bronze sculpture called "Bird of Happiness".

Fire Fighter Sculptor Mr. Regutti was the founder of the North Carolina Nature Artists Association and the Society of Nature Artists. President George Bush owns Regutti's American Pride & Power. Carl has been commissioned by prestigious companies and organizations including: Walt Disney, Santa Anita Park, the Franklin Mint, the US Air Force, the Cleveland Zoo, American Airlines, NationsBank, Seagram & Sons, Pillsbury, Glaxo, John Deere, Burroughs Wellcome, Duke University, the NC College of Veterinary Medicine, DeBartolo, the Town of Cary, Rotary International, and more. Mr. Regutti has been a frequent exhibitor at the world's largest wildlife festival - the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition in Charleston, South Carolina. In 2002 each of the families who lost a firefighter in 9/11 along with Mayor Rudy Giuliani and other notable dignitaries were presented one of Mr. Regutti's "Heroism & Sacrifice" bas-relief sculptures as a special honor from North Carolina's firefighters.

The Zoe Foundation, with vital projects developed to save the tiger, is a focus of Carl Regutti's talents; likewise his "Freedom Memorial" work to honor our American soldiers killed or wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Regutti art is in permanent museum collections which include:
The Franklin Mint Museum, Franklin, PA
NC State Museum of Natural Sciences, Raleigh, NC
Kentucky Derby Museum, Louisville, KY
The Horse Park Museum, Lexington, KY
Bahlsen Museum, Hannover, Germany

Other accomplishments:
Holder of four US patents
Innovated pre-cast terrazzo monumental sculpture art
Founder of Society of Nature Artists (Cleveland Ohio)
Founder of North Carolina Nature Artists Association
Public Art Advisory Board for the Town of Cary, NC

Bio provided by Freedom Memorials

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